Warning, this is probably going to be a really boring blog post if you’re not a photographer or someone with a blogsite online.


Hackers.  Suck.  This is the second time my wordpress website has been hacked in the last three years.  Each time, it’s a huge PITA.  Someone kindly pointed out to me yesterday that when searching for my website on Google, it says “this website may be hacked”.  Awesome.  Except when I go to look at my website, it looks COMPLETELY normal to me!  The admin pages all look fine on my end, too.  I spent last night googling, emailing and chatting, and didn’t really get anywhere with my website, but I DID learn a lot about how it happens and how to fix it.  I’m no expert, but here’s what I’ve learned over the last 24 hours or so.  Hopefully it will be helpful to someone:

First, WordPress websites seem to be an easy target.  If you’re using a wordpress website, make sure that you are using the latest version, and make sure all your plugins are also up to date.  If you have plugins that aren’t being used, you should probably delete them.  But, this can also cause problems.  I’ve deleted plugins previously, and had it mess my website up.  You’ll want to make sure you copy your important pages before you start going delete crazy (I copied all of my pages into a word document so I could just copy and paste them back in if needed).  Luckily that didn’t happen this time, and I only had a few plugins that weren’t in use.

Second, you’ll need to go to your Google Webmaster Tools to see what the problem is.  When I viewed my website from typing it in, everything looked fine.  I checked the admin side and there didn’t seem to be any weird text that had been placed in any of my pages or blog posts.  But when I checked out my webmaster tools, it said that there had been some “spammy” snippets added to my website, and some redirects (to who knows where – I was too scared to look).  The code injected was “cloaked”, so that it didn’t look like anything was wrong but if someone clicked on my website from a Google search, it would redirect them if certain pages were clicked on.  Google webmaster will tell you what is wrong and give you steps on how to fix it if you’re smart with the computer stuff.

Third – start calling and emailing everyone you know and their computer literate brother for help because you have no idea what to do about it.  That was the case for me, at least.  I contacted my hosting site, but they weren’t much help.  They sent me a link to Google, which I already had.  I tried looking up how to fix it myself, and though I found the malicious file in my FPT folders. I changed the file name, but then what?  I had no idea.  I don’t even know if that fixed anything, or if that was just part of it.  Through a local Facebook group, Sucuri (https://sucuri.net/) was recommended to help fix this hot mess.  I contacted them, signed up for their services and they had my website fixed within a matter of hours.  However, Google takes a while to update, so even though it should be fixed (and now protected from future hacks) it still says “this website may be hacked”.   I learned how to add a sitemap to my webiste and have google index it so that it will help move things along, and hopefully that little Google warning will be gone in a matter of days because I know I sure as hell wouldn’t be clicking on a website that said that.  So if you made it this far and you’re thinking, “oh crap, I missed the memo!” – don’t worry.  It’s all good now and hopefully Google will realize that in the next couple days and I can continue to blog about cute babies and dogs.

I’ll add a fourth – make sure you back up your website on a regular basis!  I back mine up once a month, so if I needed to reinstall an older version, I wouldn’t be missing much.  I still would have needed to find the source of the problem, but it definitely helps for a little peace of mind.  Also change your passwords regularly.  I have dealt with FTP, DNS, Firewalls and lots of other new things over the past 24 hours.  I currently feel like the Martha Stewart of website fixing, even though I really just followed the directions that were given to me and had someone else do most of the work.  Still – always look at the bright side, right?  I learned something new.

And to appease the masses who probably read the first sentence and skimmed over the rest, here’s a cute baby photo for you all to look at.  This is how I was feeling last night about this mess.



funny newborn photos

  • What a nightmare. That photo pretty much sums it up.

  • Yikes- this sounds terrible but hopefully this helps others. And that pic at the end is perfect

  • My domain was hijacked in January and in February they tried to extort me to get it back. The long of the short my domain is toast for the time being so I made the tough decision to rebrand and start over. It has been very painful and hard for me as well I ended up having said people (I would assume) hack my iCloud and lock me out of my computers with Find My iPhone – almost a month later I still have no answers from them and my iPads are still not usable. Pure and total nightmare.

  • Oh Suzanne – that sounds like a nightmare! I hope you’re able to get it resolved. 🙁

  • dana

    Goodness, what a nightmare. Thanks for the great tips! And I hope you got to sleep like a baby (man, that’s an adorable pic!) when it was all over.

  • Natalie

    How terrible! It sounds like a pain to fix.

  • Holy crap! That is insane! Thank you for all the “tips” on this.

  • oh no! thanks for the helpful post

Just had to share a quick sneak peek from Thursday’s newborn session with 9 day old Kellen.  He slept like a champ, and I am loving all the images!  This was one of my favorites.  More to come from this session in the near future!


newborn photography in Plymouth

  • The tones in this are to die for.

  • So precious! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Angela

    Melissa, I love all the lovely texture you used in this session!

  • AW! He’s adorable!

In-hospital newborn sessions aren’t something that I normally do, so this was a first and I absolutely love it!  Plus, how could I say no?  I’d like to introduce my new (and only) nephew, Rory!  I am so head over heels in love with this little guy, and it’s been so much fun having a new baby in the family.  He’s four months old now, so I’m a little behind on posting these, but wanted to get them on here because it’s something so different from what I normally do.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of him on here in the future.  I might be a biased auntie, but he’s pretty dang cute.



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fresh 48 newborn photosmaple grove newborn photographerfresh 48 newborn photoslifestyle newborn photographerhospital newborn photos

Fresh 48 refers to newborn photos taken within the first 2 days of life.  These are typically done at the hospital, and are more lifestyle-type photos.  Definitely different from a studio session, but just as special.  If you’re in the Twin Cities area and are interested in booking a fresh 48 newborn session, or if you’re looking for a Maple Grove newborn photographer, click that contact tab up top and let’s connect!

  • Love these tender moments! Those baby toes are just so sweet! <3

  • angela

    Love those toes! Sweet images

  • So sweet!! I am so sad that “fresh 48” sessions weren’t really available when I had my little ones. Those first couple days are such an overwhelming time I forget so much and wish I had so many more pictures!!

    Great work!

  • Beautiful images, what a special time captured!

  • dana

    48 sessions are one of my favorite! Great job!

  • AW! Such a precious little guy!!! Nice work Melissa!

  • These are beautiful!

  • I love fresh 48. You captured beautiful moments. I wish I knew about these when I had my little guy.

This fall I had the pleasure of photographing this awesome Andover family for the third time in four years.  It’s been so fun to watch the kids grow up over these past few years and get to know the family.  This year we photographed their session at the Springbrook Nature Center.  I called ahead of time to arrange photographing a session there since it was the same day they were getting ready for their annual Pumpkin Night in the Park, but the person I spoke to didn’t mention that the entire front area was under construction.  Imagine my surprise when I pull up and the parking lot is completely torn apart, with yellow tape blocking the main entrance!  Luckily, I was able to find the person I spoke to on the phone to let us in.  The park was quiet, other than people who were there working on getting set up for the evening activities.  It was nice to have the place pretty much to ourselves.

It was a cold fall evening, but the kids were troopers and the walking kept us warm.  They had fun climbing trees and checking out the different paths, and we were able to get a lot of great posed photos along with some candid ones.

If you’re a nature lover or have small kids, Springbrook nature center is definitely a place worth checking out!  We’ve been going there for years, and my kids love exploring the different areas looking for bugs and animals, and climbing the trees.  We often see frogs, turkeys, deer, and several different species of birds, and inside the nature center are aquariums with fish, turtles, frogs and snakes.  There are learning activities, and a reading nook, and they also have summer camps and weekend activities.  It really is a great little spot.  More information can be found on their website here:  http://www.springbrooknaturecenter.org/361/Springbrook-Nature-Center


Springbrook nature centerAndover family photographerfamily photos at Springbrook nature centerFamily portraits at Springbrook nature center


Looking for an Andover family photographer?  Click on the contact tab at the top of the page, and let’s start planning your custom portrait session today!

  • AW! They have such a beautiful family!!! Nice work Melissa! <3

  • What adorable little kids! Great job, these will look beautiful up on their wall! -Tonya

  • What a gorgeous family, and love how the location worked out for you!! So pretty!

  • Great family session!

  • What a beautiful family and gorgeous shots!! Their colors work so well with the location!

    My favorite is definitely the second family shot on the path with the tree branches framing them. So perfect!!!!

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