Random fact: the week I photographed these two, I had three sessions with red-headed babies/kids all within a few days of each other.:)  I photographed Natalie when she was one year old, and was happy to hear from her parents again when they contacted me to set up another session with Natalie and her little brother, Roy, for his one year photos.  These kids were just the best.  Full of smiles and giggles, and Roy is an absolute charmer.   I had so many photos that I loved from this session.  Here are a few of my favorites.:)


1 year old portraits
1 year old on shaggy rug
1 year old boy
little girl laughing
1 year studio photos
studio portraits


  • Shannon Stroubakis - Beautiful! I love your colour images, so rich and clean.

  • Jeni - Oh my goodness! What adorable children! I can tell they liked you! You got such great smiles from them. Beautiful!

  • Christa - Oh that hair is AMAZING!! Gorgeous portraits!

  • Agnieszka TN - Gorgeous children and beautiful photos! What a great set of portraits for these parents to cherish for years to come! I love your work Melissa!

  • jessica - Great children’s session Melissa! I absolutely love the way you do studio lighting. Not many people are good at it. Adorable kiddos too!

  • Amy - Oh my gosh so cute I can’t even take it! Love the bowtie :)

  • Areke - Oh these siblings are ADORABLE! From their outfits to their smiles, they are simply precious. Love this set!

  • April O'Hare - Oh my, these are so stinkin’ cute! I just LOVE that outfit he’s wearing. And her smile in that B&W shot is so mirthful and full of glee. These are all adorable!

  • Samantha Bachand - Goodness gracious what cute kiddos! He looks like a little old man and her hair is perfect. Love these so much!

  • Peggy - These are simply beautiful images! The b+w in the chair — oh my gosh!! Just can’t help but smile along with her. Lovely work!

  • Tessa - Oh so much adorableness! Lovely images :)

I absolutely love this family.  :)  I’ve been going to their home in Lakeville for photo sessions since Jorrie was born.  Actually, I was out there for maternity photos, too, so before she was born!  Each time, we do an in-home session.  I’m there for a few hours, documenting their everyday life.  Very different from a studio or outdoor session, and really enjoy it!  I’ve seen Jorrie grow from this tiny little peanut of a baby into a toddler.  I actually  just took her two year photos a couple of weekends ago, so I figured I’d better hurry up and post her 18 month photos before I fall too far behind on my blogging again (the busyness of summer sure has a way of sneaking up on you!).  They are in the process of building a new home, so we took photos at their current home and then headed over to the new home to capture some photos while it was being built.  Such great memories!


lifestyle photography
lifestyle photos
lifestyle family photos
toddler girl and her cat
lifestyle family photography
family photos in new home being built
family photos in new home being built
child playing with toys
lifestyle photos of children
baby girl playing in the light
black and white photo of cat

  • Shannon Stroubakis - These are wonderful and so fresh and real. I adore lifestyle sessions, capturing them at home in their daily lives. Just beautiful.

  • Summer - Omg goodness she is too cute with that red hair! Great shots!

  • April O'Hare - Awww…these are so cute. I love how natural they are. And my favorite is the one with their kitty gazing into each other’s eyes:) So precious!

  • Jeni - These are so sweet! What great memories these will bring back when the family looks at them when she’s 20! I love the one with her and the cat! So stinkin cute!

  • Kristen - What a great session! I love the idea of capturing the everyday! This little girl will cherish these forever!

Just couldn’t resist posting one quick photo of this handsome little guy.  Connor was just shy of three weeks old for his newborn session last week, but he slept like a champ!  Lots of  great photos to go through, but this is one of my favorites so far.  :)

Linwood MN newborn photographer



  • Kristen - What a sweet newborn image. He’s a cutie!

  • Corrie Lindroos - Awww, so adorable. Your newborn work is always so peaceful and beautiful. I love your work Melissa.

  • Shannon Stroubakis - So perfect, calm and peaceful as he sleeps. Beautiful shot.

  • April O'Hare - What a sweet photo! I just love his hand placement and the natural colored fibers used in the image. Beautiful:)

  • kimberly - This is just perfect, I love it!

  • Alexis - He looks so cozy and peaceful! Just perfect:)

  • Rhonda - Oh my .. he’s so sweet! Love it with those feet and hands the way they are placed!

  • Megan - perfection!! Seriously just precious.

  • Amber AIleen - Super cute! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Kristen - What a doll. His skin tone is gorgeous!

  • Nghi - Oh my goodness! What a little cutie! So squishy and cuddly! I can’t wait to see you blog the rest of his newborn session!

To all the amazing moms out there – I hope you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day!  Although you should be treated like a queen every day, I hope today treats you especially well.  :)



  • Becky - What a gorgeous collection! Such beautiful moms with their babies!

  • April O'Hare - Look at all of those awesome mamas with their children! It’s a beautiful collection of photos:)

  • Leslie - My GOSH your work is beautiful. What a lot of lovely, lucky mamas!

  • Megan - What an awesome tribute to these beautiful women.

  • Alishia Potter - What an amazing collection of work and such beautiful moms! This is wonderful!

  • Jeni - Love all of these! Gorgeous mamas and their babes. What could be better?

  • Cheri - What a beautiful collection! Gorgeous photos!

  • Claudette - Beautiful!!! You know how to capture these moms love perfectly!

  • Shannon Stroubakis - Look at all these beautiful mamas and their babies! Beautiful images.

  • Jacqueline - Stunning collection of images! These moms must be so happy to have such beautiful memories captured by you!

  • Samantha Bachand - Your work is just so amazing! So many mamas blessed by your talent!

  • Jackie - These are all SO wonderful, you are crazy talented, girl!

  • Shannon Stroubakis - Amazing compilation of your work! Really shows the true connection you always capture with your clients.

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