“The days are long, but the years are short.”  I know it doesn’t always feel true, but this season of life goes by in the blink of an eye. I’ve realized that as my children have grown older, and I grow nostalgic for the days of tiny toes and nap time snuggles.  Every season brings something new, and I would love to help you preserve these memories by creating beautiful, emotive artwork for you to look back on and cherish for a lifetime.






Hello!  I’m Melissa Klein, owner and photographer (and editor, and blogger, and book keeper, and awkward hugger) at Melissa Klein Photography in Lino Lakes, Minnesota (just 15 minutes north of the cities, for those who don’t know where Lino Lakes is).   Aside from being a professional photographer for the past nine years, I’m also a nostalgia-loving, flip flop and hoodie wearing daydreamer.  I’m a mom of two kids who are growing up way too fast.  I’m a rescue dog owner of two Siberian huskies.  I’m an extroverted introvert who loves live music, hockey, traveling, nature and office supplies.


Why all the old photos you ask?  As I mentioned above, I am a nostalgic person by nature.  I have always loved photography, and apparently it comes from my mom – otherwise most of these photos showing a glimpse of my early life wouldn’t exist (also proof that I’ve been awkward since birth, and that the 80’s and 90’s were a weird time).  I have always been enamored with the way a photo can capture a moment in time.  A lot of the people in these photos are no longer with us, and these photos mean the world to me.  I love flipping through old photo albums and being able to relive my history.  My family’s history.  I know we live in a digital age, but without having physical prints, none of this would be possible.  Technology and hard drives can fail, but a print is a true “back up” of your memories.  Whether it’s snapshots of your every day life or professional portraits, make sure you’re printing your favorites.


Why do I do this for others?  I love nice things, and I love to create nice things.   I appreciate a beautiful, quality made product.  This translates well to my clients and how I can help you.  I want you to have an amazing session that results in artwork that you will cherish for a lifetime.  I want you to be able to look at a portrait on the wall, or page through an album and instantly be reminded of this point in your life.  I want you to be able to enjoy these images today, tomorrow, and years from now, which is why I every print and album that leaves my studio is of the highest quality.   This is artwork that will be around for generations to enjoy.


I am a current member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), CM Pro and a recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award for  best photographer in the Blaine/Spring Lake Park area.  I also recently found out that I was voted as one of the best maternity photographers in Minneapolis for the third straight year.  Pretty exciting!  I’m honored, and I have nobody to thank but my awesome,  amazing clients.  THANK YOU!!


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